Arbor Genesis Premium 38" Complete

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The Genesis Premium 38" is Arbor's most Versatile Longboard Dropthrough made to free-style, cruise or freeride and its setup with the best components in the market. If you were after your first longboard as something easy to cruise, commute: in total control, this prime board will suit you. Roll your way free-styling and carving to your favorite tunes.

  • The Genesis Premium deck is a Drop-Through deck, which makes it lower to the ground achieving more stability and ease to push, designed with a deeper concave and a bit of rocker to lock your feet in the right position and increase the response while your turning, cruising or sliding. Symmetrical with and with double-kick to offer you a ride which you will be able to free-style any time you want. 8 maple plies with a premium Wood Top covered with a Lucid Clear Grip that gives it that naked premium wood look. 
  • The Trucks used in this setup are Paris 50 180mm reverse kingpin.  Well known for being one of the best cruising trucks in the market.
  • The wheels are the  Arbor Sucrose Outlook 70mm 78a : Smooth, predictable and adaptable made for gripping while cruising, but also a wheel not to hard slide if pushed sideways. Just a bit of both worlds, which makes it super versatile. Durable and Eco-friendly made out of Sucrose Urethane instead of Petroleum.
  • Abec 5 Bearings

A premium longboard made to initiate you and give you lots of happiness while rolling free in your favorite road. Great for first time riders who would like to learn many different styles of longboarding.

****Arbor decks are an Environmental Skate Brand! They won't chop any tree for their decks, they collect their wood from already down trees which makes them Sustainable. Their boards are produced also using Eco Friendly water-based sanding sealers. This makes this brand unique and extra especial.