Arbor Martillo Bandera Cruiser Complete 8.75"

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The Arbor Legacy Series are modern street boards with influence from old-school shapes and wholesome longboarding roots. Like the creatures featured in this series graphics, these boards are beautiful hybrids. Comfortable for slashing hills or shredding the skatepark. The Martillo's 32" length is perfect for city slashing down steep alleys. Don't be deterred by curbs or potholes, the dual compound construction of Maple and Bamboo provide for an extra snappy pop to your ollies and flips. All decks in this series feature either a white (Blanco) or a colored (Bandera) background graphic. Set this deck up with some 149mm Independent Trucks and 58mm Divine Park Ranger Wheels and you'll be shredding alleys and ramps like never before!