Autobahn Wheels All Road 54mm 80a (Filmer / Cruiser)

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Super soft for cruising around. Amazingly fast and smooth all-terrain wheels.

A high rebound formula designed for bouncing over anything in your way. Poured in shapes from filmer boards to cruisers, the all-road formula is best described in one word: FUN!

  • Autobahn All Road 80A Skateboard Wheels
  • 54mm Diameter Wheel
  • 80A Softer Outer
  • Solid Plastic Core
  • Chunkier Profile
  • Ideal Filmer Wheel

AutoBahn - Allroad 54mm x 80a

The original filmer wheel, designed to be soft enough to handle the bumps of the road.

But with enough rigidity to keep up with whoever's in front of the lens.

Perfect wheel for your cruiser or locker board as well.

80a outer tread with a hard plastic core for a secure bearing seat.

The All Road wheels from Autobahn are exactly what the name suggests, wheels for all roads. They are poured from a softer 80A Durometer compound that makes rougher terrain more bearable. 54mm in diameter and a chunkier profile, we recommend these wheels as an ideal filiming wheel or if you just fancy a softer ride.

This is a small but soft wheel (80a) which can be put on a regular skateboard to turn it into a cruiser without worrying too much about clearance issues (wheelbite).

the autobahn wheels philosophy

When Autobahn was founded in 2001, most wheel companies didn't even mention what hardness their wheels were. It was a sea of skulls and fire. In our view, skateboarding was simple physics. Weight distribution. Timing. Focus. We wanted to bring technology back into the wheel conversation. Nearly 15 years later, it seems skateboarders wanted the same.

Our wheels are designed purely with their end function in mind. Autobahn continues to develop new formulas and shapes to improve upon years of quality levels being raised. Specific, high-performance urethane formulas poured into functional shapes designed to outperform the best of the best. We have not and will never waver from our goal of creating the most durable and functional skateboard wheels you can buy.