Bamboo Squirrel Cruiser Complete

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This old school deck with that new school bamboo just wants to lay out power slides.  It’s not Rodeo Drive, it is the Squirrel Cruiser.  Wheels are great for surf inspired slides and carves or for learning to power slide.

Design Approach
“Given the environment and style approach Bamboo Skateboards is built on, it seemed only appropriate to attempt this project from a hands-on, non graphic medium. I decided to create these designs without the initial use of a computer and return to my favorite form of art; painting and drawing. I felt this style would evoke a sense of raw ingenuity and further suggest the overall objective of the brand.”
-Sean Marshall

  • 7.51″ x 29.875″
  • 5 ply hybrid (3ply bamboo, 2 ply maple; 70% bamboo)
  • Non carbonized; lighter colored texture
  • Glue used in our decks is water-based and complies with European Standard EN71