Madrid Back to the Future Deck 8.25" OutaTime Delorean Restoration Left (Limited Edition)

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Limited Edition Back to the Future Skateboard Decks! Available at 418 skate shop NOW! One of our favourite movies of all time. Great for collectors and fans of the movie!

Get this now Woah Doc, that’s heavy! Ever wanted to hop into your DeLorean and take a quick trip back to the 60’s? Well, this board can’t time-travel, so you’re outa time and luck! But it will let you rip sick tricks and impress your friends! Plus, it’ll help you fly, at least temporarily.

  • Comes with both boards shown!
  • Collectable Split Series Decks
  • Length: 32″ Width: 8.25″ Wheelbase: 14.25″
  • Popsicle shape and concave
  • Only 175 made in first run