Ace AF1 Skateboard Tool

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Now you see it, now you don't. Meet the last skate tool you will ever need. Proven T-shape when assembled. Super compact shape to go with you when collapsed. Don't leave home without one.

Small, rugged, and surprisingly versatile.

Hidden away in this 9.5cm x 2.5cm package is a full “T tool” with sockets for all the nuts on a skateboard, a removable screwdriver / allen key combo, a small grip file, and most excitingly, kingpin and axle rethreader dies!

Yep, you’ll never worry about getting your axle or kingpin nut back on after a wheel or bushing change again with one of these little things.

Every tool you need!

  • Phillips and Allen
  • Kingpin nut
  • Axle nuts
  • Mounting hardware
  • File
  • New: Axle and kingpin re-threaders built in!
  • 100% High grade tool steel