AOB Sweatleaf Longboard Deck 47"

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A fantastic dancing longboard capable of freestyle and cruising around Singapore. AOB SWEETLEAF – is the AOB Walking Leafs’ 2017 all new graphic. With a surfer floral vibe transitioning into the wood grain through the AOB chevrons, this is much softer looking graphic than the others.
120cm (47.2 inch) of length provide a lot of space foryour own-individual dancing style. The unique flex will make you think that you are riding on a cloud while the glas fibre construction provides great durability. It has a symmetrical shape and the huge kicktails offer a lot of space for all sorts of tricks. Whether you just want to take her out for a relaxed cruise or want to practice complicated freestyle tricks: The Sweetleaf is the right choice for every skill level and will provide countless hours of fun.

deck length: 120cm / 47,2 inch
width: 24cm / 9,4 inch
wheelbase: 77 – 83cm / 30,3 – 32,7 inch
specials: rocker, kick