BambooSK8 Directional Drop Through Xibalba (West) 41" Longboard Deck

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his was inspired by the ancient Mayan Underworld, Xibalba, roughly translated as “place of fear.” Since the sun sets in the west – turning day into night – the Maya associated west with death.

They often used the night sky, underground caves, and the color black in their drawings to represent the underworld. The top of this deck is a graphic representation of a Mayan Inter-dimensional Star Map ; the bottom is an abstract tunnel leading down into various layers of a dark cave.


  • 41.13” x 9.625”
  • 5 ply Hybrid (3ply bamboo, 2ply maple; 70% bamboo)
  • Non-carbonized, lighter colored texture
  • Glue in our decks is water-based and complies with European standard EN71