Krooked Zip Zogger Deck 10.75”

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Skateboard Deck
Zip Zogger
Colors may vary (Various Woodstains)

Suuuper Wide Boy Cruiser

10.75 x 30 WB 14.3 (10.75” at its widest point)

The shape is amazing. 

It reminds me of the old school decks that were just on the cusp of expiring in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Wide enough that you feel like you are surfing when you push hard down the street and you have a sense that it would be silly not to carve all over the place riding this thing.

Perfedt for anyone looking to build a surf skate or super wide cruiser. It’s has. A slightly shorter wheel base which makes it very nimble and quick to turn/carve.