Landyachtz Butter Surf Skate White Oak Lines 31.2"

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Landyachtz new surfskate carver cruiser skateboards have arrived at 418 skate shop! The Pocket Knife is a super nimble Surf Skate capable of mind-bending lines and nearly instantaneous changes of direction. Smaller than the Butter, the Pocket Knife gives you access to the tightest lines and smallest gaps.

These boards are our way of bringing surf style riding to anyone, regardless of whether you live near the waves or not. We wanted to make boards that give you the super-tight turning radius that you expect from a surf skate but which still had the capability to do skate tricks and handle a little more speed. Our take on the surf skate genre of boards is a simple, solid design that achieves unbelievable amounts of turn through a unique RKP front truck geometry and extra tall bushings rather than by using extra parts or springs to enhance the turn. This creates a board that gives you the ability to make super tight turns and cutbacks while still inspiring confidence and allowing you to slash and explore more types of terrain.