Landyachtz Dinghy Classic Fender Panda

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We’re not sure if this bear is our best friend or our worst nightmare, but we think artist Jesse Lonergan may know the Panda’s true intentions. If this beast means to go where other boards can’t and have a blast while doing it, we are ok with that. The Dinghy Classic Fender Panda is going to take over the streets!

With a wheelbase of 14.5”, a Width of 8” and a length of 28.5” the Classic Fender has all the exact same specs as the Classic. The way that the perimeter is cut out on the Classic Fender is identical to the Classic, but the mold has an added feature: wheel flares! Same Classic shape, different concave! The Dinghy Fender has two main attributes: it allows for more wheel clearance, and it locks your feet in. With the 105mm Polar Bear trucks and 72mm Plow King wheels, this setup is ideal if you like sliding, enjoy an aggressive riding style, or just want some huge wheels.

 28.5" Length I 8.6" Width I 14.6" Wheelbase

100% Canadian Maple