Orangatang Love Handles Wheels 65mm

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Possibly the perfect surfskate wheel? Skateboard cruiser wheel? Longboard dancer wheel? Downhill wheel? Super grippy wheels from Orangatang to help pump! EXTRA HIPS FOR EXTRA GRIP.

Kyle Samuelson is back to bring you the knowledge you need to talk to your customers about the sweet little step-child of the 4President and Fat Free: the Orangatang Love Handles!

The Orangatang Love Handles: quick and light meet plush and grippy. A traction-focused design in a compact package for agility, acceleration, and control. With a wheel this pumpable, you’ll never do crunches again.


  • Diameter:65mm
  • Width:50mm
  • Contact Patch:50mm
  • Style:Sharp lips with surface skin
  • Bearing Seat:Offset
  • Formula:

    Happy Thane
  • Core: high-strength, high-stiffness, heat-resistant urethane
  • Weight (per wheel): 5.1 oz / 145 g
  • Durometers: 77a (blue), 80a (orange)

Purchase price includes set of 4 wheels.