Rayne Fortune Deelite 36" Longboard Deck

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The Fortune is a totally unique directional, top mount longboard designed by Patrick Switzer. Patrick has won innumerable IDF World Cup titles and the overall World Championship title on this board. Its concept was born by combining a combination of slalom and downhill deck features. The Fortune has a deep radial concave, a small spoon tail, upturned nose and 4D Cups. These bacon-like waves of concave grip every part of your feet and hold them in place like bindings. The combination of 4D cups and deep Radial Concave make this deck feel like it rides on rails!

The Fortune concave is pressed with our super-lightweight Fatbottom Deelite construction so you can push faster & slide easier.

Length: 36″

Width: 10.75″

Wheel Base: 24” / 27.25”


Within Rayne’s downhill lineup, the Fortune has the most extreme concave EVER and is the only deck with has no drop or rocker in the deck platform. Overall, riding this deck feels like you’re on rails because it has so much leverage in turns.


This deck is totally unique because of the 4D Cups. These bacon-like waves of concave grip every part of your feet. These supportive waves grab your feet on all sides and hold them in place like bindings.


The Fortune construction is lightweight, durable and unique. The deck is made out of a Deelite Fatbottom bamboo core and is sandwiched between layers of pre-tensioned triaxial fiberglass that have graphics permanently tattooed into their surfaces.

We find that light weight boards make skateboarding more fun because boards become more maneuverable. They accelerate faster, pop higher ollies and vastly improve your control in slides. Because of this, we’ve made ALL of our downhill boards in our lightweight Deelite construction and have made them even better by adding our signature Fatbottom Cores.

The Fatbottom is made of bamboo and provides strength, reduces 15% of the board weight and provides big ¼” (6.35mm) wheel wells along the entire length of the board.

The Deelite Core is made of durable and strong bamboo, with lightweight foam core inserts that further reduce weight.