Riviera Heta Longboard Complete 40.5"

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The Riviera Heta Drop Thru is the all-around master that will help you dial in all those move you dream about night after night. The board features a stiff concave that comes in Rocker mould or W-Cave mould, both designed to fit the style that you prefer. This Bamboo deck is constructed out of 4 plys of bamboo (two thick and two thinner plys) sandwiched between 3 layers fiberglass giving it stiffer feel that you imagine from your typical 7 ply maple drop-thru deck. The deck consists of both nose and kick tails to enrich your tick vocab and also gas pedals to push your toes/heels against when performing big held out slides. The Heta is drop-thru mounting which helps lower the center of gravity making the board more stable at higher speeds, easy to break free of traction, and allows a shorter reach to the road for easy pushing and commuting around town. If you dig Riviera boards and are looking for that 'all-around' to fill the gap in your quiver, this is the board for you! Look no further and try one out today.

Length: 40.50"
Width: 9.50"
Wheelbase: 27.50"
Wheels: Divine - 72mm / 78a
Bearings: Abec 5
Trucks: Paris - 180mm
Top: Clear Griptape

Wheel and truck color may vary depending on availability.