Switch Quokka Collage Deck 29.9”

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Quokka Collage Skateboard cruiser from Switch Longboards in Poland.  Possibly the lightest skateboard cruiser ever made! Pocket city rocket with pocket! (Quokkas are marsupials!)


– 360° PU sidewalls
– Fully waterproof
– Poppy kicktails
– Wheel well flares
– Wave’y 3D graphic pattern
– Anti scratch layer


Made for: Cruising
Length: 29.9″ / 76 cm
Width: 8.7″ / 22 cm
Wheelbase: 16.5″ / 42 cm
Weight: 1.15 kg
Construction: Lightweight ash+poplar core, triaxial fibreglass, PU sidewalls
Concave: medium
Profile: flat
Flex: Moderately stiff

Graphic designed by Switch
Switch Cruiser Quokka infographic

  • Thoughtful design – Pocket size, medium concave, refined, kicktail and nose. All those designed to make perfect compact city cruiser.
  • Light, responsive and durable – vertically laminated ash and poplar core, triaxial fiberglass and 360° PU sidewalls keeps the deck impossibly light, yet very tough. Thanks to the included anti scratch layer combined with sidewalls, the deck keeps its perfect look longer.
  • Waterproof – Did the rain catch you? It’s not a problem with switch boards. Continue your fun / journey stress-free.
  • 3D pattern and graphics – Simple, bringing vacation surfing memories, feels amazing in your hand.


TriAxial is a three-layer wrap, 4545. Light-weight, multi axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that provides high durability and great pop

We use CNC to cutting all the boards so that every board has the perfect shape
wood core
Mix of different wood types gives high strength while ensuring low weight
high press lamination

Thanks to the high temperature in our hydraulic press, we achieve a perfect joint that eliminates the possibility of delamination of the board

PU sidewall
Pu sidewalls are made of high-quality polyurethane so they provide maximum impact protection
made in poland
All our equipment is made in Poland between the mountains, where almost everyone loves board sports
hp latex
HP Latex printing use HP’s innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer (“Latex”) technology to provide print durability and display permanence and their water-based formulation reduces the impact of printing on the environment
The curvature between the two sides of the board. Concave helps hold your toe and heel in place, giving the rider more control of the longboard. Concave locks your feet into your longboard deck while carving in and out of turns.