Zenit AB 3.0 34" (Long Distance Push Longboard)

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Push through anything. Long Distance Pushing / Pumping 

The AB 3.0 is a sleeper. With a low key look, you'd never imagine that this thing could roll with the big kids, but my oh my, get ready.

A 9.5" to 9.1" taper, comfortable and progressive concave, and double drops at either end of the board make this an adventurous long distance pushing / pumping (LDP) monster. Not only low to the ground for effortless pushing, the platform's concave proves to be valuable for pushing and can even support freeriding, should your path inevitably take you down that mountain you just pushed up.

Solidified by a unidirectional carbon fibre stringer running throughout, the 3.0's new construction can handle heavy duty riding and riders. The increased strength and rebound of the precured fibreglass means on its widest wheelbase, the 3.0's a pumping monster with a little more flex; on it's narrowest, it has the strength to carry anybody.

Stiffness: 8.5 / 10

Push : 10 / 10

Cruise : 10 / 10

Weight :  3.75 lbs

Bio sourced Greenpoxy laminates two sheets of pre-tensioned, pre-cured triaxial fibreglass to four plies of Hard Rock Canadian Maple and one central Poplar ply, as well as a stringer of unidirectional carbon that provides support along the length of the board. Together, you get a water risistant distance board fit for whatever weather you're riding in.

It goes without mentioning that the fibreglass eternally protects the graphic from rocks, curbs, and worst of all, speed bumps. That’s right, the graphic’s there forever!

Smooth Sailing

The AB 3.0 is laminated with Greenpoxy, a bio epoxy that makes the board extremely water resistant. You'll never have to worry about rain when you're out on a journey again.